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Printing with Instant Ink in the Classroom

Printing in colored ink is so expensive. How do I save money printing classroom materials? Instant Ink in the classroom is the answer to all of my colored printing problems.

At my school, we only have one working color printer and it’s heavily guarded.  You have to send your files to the secretary to get them printed.  And, even though she’s never ever told me no, I always feel so. freaking. guilty. doing it.

A few years ago, I decided to buy my own color printer for the house. I had big dreams of printing everything I needed for school and Giraffic Jam.

Let me tell you how that worked out – my ink ran out after a couple hundred pages.  So, I bought new (expensive) cartridges and was terrified to use them because I didn’t want to waste them.  Then when I needed to print, they were dried out.  Insert facepalm here.

This wasn’t working.  And was expensive.  And frustrating. I could have saved myself the trip to the store and just caught $60 on fire instead.

Money on Fire

So, I kept looking for something else, something better.

And friend, I found it.

HP Instant Ink has been the game changer I needed in my printing life.  It has been such a game changer, that I actually bought a second printer so that I could keep it at school and print from there.

HP Instant Ink is a subscription service. You never run out of ink. It’s shipped directly to your door. And you can save up to 50% versus the cost of buying cartridges.

How to Get It

How does this magical program work, you ask.  First, you have to a printer that is HP Instant Ink eligible.  You can find them at any major retailer, including Amazon or get them directly from HP.  If you already have an HP printer, it might be eligible – double check before you go out and buy a new one.

Then,  Sign up by clicking my referral link to get us each a free month.

Select the plan you want based on how many pages you want to print in a month – they offer plans starting at only 99 cents a month!

HP will mail you your ink cartridges and you are ready to start printing.  Your printer connects to the internet and will let HP know when you are getting low – and they will automatically send you more!

My plan allows me to print up to 300 pages a month, and if I need to print more, I can easily add on extra pages for an additional charge.  If I don’t use all 300, I can roll them over into my bank – my bank holds up to 900 pages!

In conclusion, this subscription is Ah-maz-ing.  For the cost of a netflix subscription, I can print up to 300 pages per month and it doesn’t matter how saturated the page is!  I can print full color 8×11 pictures of my dog or a simple list of 10 spelling words and it still only counts at 1 page.  It’s almost too good to be true!

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