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Want to learn what to do after you teach a lesson on Planbook to maximize effectiveness in your classroom? Looking for a detailed how-to guide on how to use Planbook in your classroom? I’ve got you! I love to use technology in my classroom, but I know that it can be hard to learn something new. So come along on this journey, while I show you step by step directions on how to use Planbook in your special education or general education classroom! Whether you are a new teacher looking for tips, or a veteran teacher who wants to try something new – I’ve tested the strategies and found the shortcuts so you know how to easily use Planbook . Let’s go!

(Remember, that I try to keep my content up to date, but Planbook is always changing. If you see something here that doesn’t quite match up with what you’re seeing on the website, please let me know so I can get it updated.) What to Do After you Teach a Lesson has so many great features. And the fun doesn’t end after you teach a lesson. There are so many bonus features that you can use to make your lesson planning even better!

Using after you taught a lesson will help make your life easier, while also earning you some brownie points from your admin for doing reflection.

After you taught a lesson on planbook

Here’s a screenshot of my reflection from a lesson. Notice I commented on what worked well and what I might change for next year. When I copy this lesson over next year, my reflections can also be copied in!

Ideas on What to do After you Teach a Lesson on Planbook

How to Set Up Reflections on

Go to your display settings to add a reflection tab. After lessons, just click on the class and add your reflection! Easy peasy!

Video on How to Add a Reflection Section on

I know, it’s way easier to watch a video what to do after you teach a lesson on planbook than it is to read the directions. So, if watching videos is your jam – hit that video above!

FAQ’s about Reflections on

  • Do I have to?
    • Nope! Honestly, this is a question that I always get asked – you don’t have to do a reflection at all. But maybe you want to give it a try occasionally. It doesn’t hurt to add the section and try to use it just one class period a week!

Reflections on – Next Steps:

Now it’s your turn! Have you done the following?

  • Added a reflection tab
  • Added a reflection for a recent lesson

Ready for more How To Guides?

So you’ve learned how to set up classes on Planbook. Click here for more tutorials!

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