Learn How To Easily Move Lessons on Planbook.com!

Want to learn how to move lessons on Planbook to maximize effectiveness in your classroom? Looking for a detailed how-to guide on how to use Planbook in your classroom? I’ve got you! I love to use technology in my classroom, but I know that it can be hard to learn something new. So come along on this journey, while I show you step by step directions on how to use Planbook in your special education or general education classroom! Whether you are a new teacher looking for tips, or a veteran teacher who wants to try something new – I’ve tested the strategies and found the shortcuts so you know how to easily use Planbook . Let’s go!

(Remember, that I try to keep my content up to date, but Planbook is always changing. If you see something here that doesn’t quite match up with what you’re seeing on the website, please let me know so I can get it updated.)

Planbook.com Move Lessons

Planbook.com has so many great features. And moving lessons is the life hack you need to know!

You don’t have to waste time moving lessons by crossing them out, using post it notes, or drawing tons of arrows. With just a few clicks, planbook can easily move lessons. Use this feature for when you have an interruption (a snow day!), need more time (you don’t get everything done), or you need to remove a lesson (your kids this year already know that skill, so you don’t want to waste that many days teaching it).

How to Move Lessons on Planbook

Check out all of the ways I can move a lesson on planbook.com!

Keep reading to find out how to move lessons on planbook and what each button does!

Options to Move Lessons on Planbook

When you learn how to move lessons on planbook, you need to know these terms and what happens when you click them!

  • Lock lesson to date: This lesson won’t be moved when you make changes like bumping or extending.
  • Move lesson: Know exactly when you want to teach something? Click this button then type in the date! (There’s also the option to copy a lesson to a specific date!)
  • Bump forward: This will move the lesson forward that many classes. Use this if something happens (maybe an unexpected assembly) and you aren’t going to teach the lesson today.
  • Bump backward: Use this to move the lesson backward that many class periods. Use this if you’ve deleted a lesson, and need to move all the future lessons back that number of periods.
  • Extend Lesson: This is one of my favorites. You know how plan a lesson for one day, but realize you need more time? You can extend the lesson however many periods, so that the exact same lesson will display on future classes. This is much more efficient than copying and pasting.
  • Extend Standards: Put in your standards for the first day you are teaching that skill, then extend them for however long you plan on teaching it. No more selecting standards every time you teach a lesson!
  • Delete lesson: Just want to remove something? Delete an entire lesson with just one click (then, you might want to bump backwards).
  • No class day: Have a class cancelled because of an assembly, delay or early dismissal? Use this to remove the class and automatically bump the lessons forward! (Just for that class period – use the no school day if you want to cancel and bump the entire day).

How to Move Lessons on Planbook

Just click the little arrow that appears in the top right corner of every lesson to open up the menu. From there, click the option you want! Planbook will even warn you if your choices are going to cause lessons to be deleted – so make sure you carefully read if that warning pops up!

Video on How to Move Lessons on Planbook.com

I know, it’s way easier to watch a video on how to move lessons on planbook.com than it is to read the directions. So, if watching videos is your jam – hit that video above!

FAQ’s about Moving Lessons on Planbook.com

  • What happens if moving a lesson deletes a lesson?
    • If you move a lesson, you might get a warning that a lesson will be deleted. This is because you’ve bumped the lessons beyond the last class date. Don’t worry, you’ll get a warning asking you are sure!
  • How many days can I move a lesson?
    • You can use the arrows to move the lesson up to 10 class periods. Any more than that, just go to the last day and do it again for 10 more sessions!

Moving Lessons on Planbook.com – Next Steps:

Now it’s your turn! Have you done the following?

  • Bumped a lesson (Forward and Backward)
  • Extended a lesson
  • Deleted a lesson

Ready for more Planbook.com How To Guides?

So you’ve learned how to set up classes on Planbook. Click here for more tutorials!

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