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How to use (5 Must-Do’s!)

Trying to figure out how to use planbook? is the LEADER is lesson planning. Gone are the days of having to hand write your plans, carrying around a notebook, or make changes by crossing out and drawing arrows. There are so many ways to use, but I’m going to show you how I use it as a special education teacher. Because, anyone in special ed knows that we have to use tools a little differently to meet our needs!

#1 – Manage Your Classes

One of the best ways to use is to keep your schedule organized. It is so easy to create a set of classes and make it as flexible as your day is! Set it up and let it automatically regenerate the entire year! Need to make a change? No worries, you can easily modify the days and times of your classes, and even tell it when to start the new schedule! The class feature on is your starting point to having a great online lesson planner!

#2 – Set up Templates

Templates are such an underutilized feature, IMO. Templates make it super easy to get information to display every time you have a class – for instance, accommodations or a lesson plan format. My hack? I use it to display my students IEP goals, so that I ALWAYS know what they are working on!

#3 – How to Use Planbook to Plan your Lessons

Obviously, lesson planning is a must. But, did you know these unique features you can do with Check out this post to see how I lesson plan in no time! You can add attachments, links, and more when you learn how to use planbook effectively. Plus, make it super easy to share your plans with your coworkers, interns and subs!

#4 – Move Your Lessons

You aren’t a teacher unless you realize that things change all of the time. I mean, like all. the. time. Snow days, assemblies, student attendance, student participation, all of these things impact how the pacing a lesson goes. Luckily, planbook makes it super easy to move lessons around on the fly. This post will get you going on what to do when you need to make some changes to your lesson plans!

#5 – How to Use Planbook After you Taught the Lesson

We all know that reflection is important to teaching. Use planbook as a way to keep reflections and use that information to decide if you need to make changes. Then, next year, you can just copy in your plans and make the changes as you see fit! This is also a great time to decide if you need to move or bump lessons to help your current students meet their goals.

Now you know how to use Planbook?

I’m always learning new things, even after using it for over 6 years. Planbook has become one of my most used technology tools in the classroom. I’ve tried all sorts of lesson planning, but planbook is still my favorite! Let me know if I missed anything, I always want to learn new ways to use planbook.

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