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Todoist Reoccurring Tasks

Want to know how to set up Todoist to maximize effectiveness in your classroom? Looking for a detailed how-to guide on how to use Todoist in your classroom? I’ve got you! I love to use technology in my classroom, but I know that it can be hard to learn something new. So come along on this journey, while I show you step by step directions on how to use Todoist in your special education or general education classroom! Whether you are a new teacher looking for tips, or a veteran teacher who wants to try something new – I’ve tested the strategies and found the shortcuts so you know how to easily use Todoist. Let’s go!

(Remember, that I try to keep my content up to date, but Todoist is always changing. If you see something here that doesn’t quite match up with what you’re seeing on the website, please let me know so I can get it updated!)

Todoist Reoccurring Tasks

Todoist has so many great features, and reoccurring tasks are one of my top two. If you do the same thing every day, or every other day, or even as crazy as every second Saturday of the month Todoist will take care of scheduling!

Todoist Reoccurring Tasks Screenshot

See those little arrows? That means it’s a reoccurring task! I have these all set to different levels of repeat – the vitamins show up every day, the two blog posts show up the 3rd Sunday of every month, and The Chase shows up on Thursdays so I remember to watch!

Ideas to Use Todoist Reoccurring Tasks in the Classroom

  • What do you always do in your classroom?
    • Attendance – daily
    • Progress monitoring – every Friday
    • Lunch duty – every Monday and Wednesday
    • Bus duty – every day
    • Coplanning – every other Tuesday
    • Lunch count – daily
    • Print morning work – first Monday of every month

How to Set Up Todoist Reoccurring Tasks

When you are adding a new task, use the word “every” to indicate something is supposed to happen again and again.

  • Try these
    • every other Monday
    • The last day of every month
    • Every Tuesday at 6:00 pm
    • Every! 21 days
      • When you use an exclamation point after every, it becomes even smarter scheduling. That event will pop back up in 21 days (for instance, maybe getting a manicure). But, it won’t pop back up until 21 days have passed AFTER it’s been done.
        • For instance, if I want to vacuum every 5 days, when I vacuum on Monday it will automatically reschedule it for Saturday. If I get a minute and decide to vacuum on Friday, it will reschedule it for 5 days from Friday. Or, if I get busy and don’t get around to it until the following Monday, it will reschedule it 5 days from there. This prevents you from having something keep popping up – I don’t have time to vacuum two days in a row!

Video on How to Set Up Todoist Reoccurring Tasks

I know, it’s way easier to watch a video on setting up Todoist Reoccurring Tasks than it is to read the directions. So, if watching videos is your jam – hit that video above!

FAQ’s about Todoist Reoccurring Tasks

  • Do I have to use them?
    • Of course not! But, I highly recommend you give them a try – it’s one of my favorite features!
  • What happens if I don’t complete a reoccurring task?
    • Been there, done that. No worries! It will just appear on your next day as being ‘overdue’. Check it off, or reschedule it, as usual!

Todoist Reoccurring Tasks – Next Steps:

Now it’s your turn! Have you done the following?

  • Give it a try! Try using some different keywords to see what happens
  • Try things like ‘every other’, ‘the first of’, ‘the last Friday of every month’, etc!

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