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So, you’ve been using Snap Words to teach sight words. But, did you know that Child1st Publications actually has tons of Snap Words Resources that you can use with your cards? Read this post to see all of the extra stuff they offer!

Free Snap Words Resources

First up are their free resources. This page has tons of free resources like posters and a set of cards you can try out! Just get your printer and you’re ready to go.

Also, if you click on the individual sets on this page and scroll about half way down, you’ll see free resources for that set! Things like tracking lists, word wall cards, and more are included. Just explore!

Sight Words in Sentences

This is my second favorite resource from Snap Words (the first is below). This book includes sentences made up of the Snap Words and an occasional extra word like dog or cat. Students can learn the cards in order and then read the sentences once they have finished the level. The first year I had this book, one little guy proudly exclaimed that he, “read real words on real pages” when he read the first set!

Snap Word Dictionary

This is my favorite resource. I put a couple of these dictionaries in my classroom writing area, so that kids can grab them and use them when writing. It’s amazing the words that kids know to read but struggle to write. Since this dictionary is written using the visual cues, students just have to figure out the first letter of their word and then can flip through the pages until their desired word pops out. This has been such an important part of our writing process!

Snap Words Mini Lessons

My principal got us the classroom kit, so this came included. I used this a lot when I first started Snap Words, but as I got more comfortable I found myself using it less and less. It has great ideas for teaching the meaning of words and provides some elaboration on the different imprints they give on the back of the cards. There’s also a part two available.

Beyond Snap Words

Beyond Snap Words are sets of games and activities that you can do with Snap Words. They are carefully aligned by levels, so that students are only playing games or working on activities with words they have learned. I use these as review and as teaching opportunities. They are digital downloads, so it’s super easy to grab them and print and play!

Classroom Kits

Have a generous principal like me? It’s easy to grab all the cards and the bonuses when you get the classroom kits. They have a couple different options, so you can select the one that is appropriate for you and your students.

Easy-For-Me Leveled Readers

I’ll be honest, I don’t have these. But they are on my wish list! These readers are aligned with the Snap Words, so students can practice reading sentences and books that only include learned sight words. Grab them on their own or as part of the system kits. Seriously, I can’t wait to grab these for my classroom!

Math Snap Words

Ok, this had me so excited when they came out. Child1st Publications now offers the exact same concept of Snap Words in a math version. You can get flash cards for words like ‘area’, ‘fraction’, ‘hour’, etc. so that students can learn to read math words, too. I love that my gen ed classrooms have a copy of these to expose all of their students to the math terminology. Because, it’s hard to identify the numerator in a fraction if you don’t know what a numerator is!


Snap Words have changed the game when it comes to learning sight words. And, their bonus materials are the perfect complement to their core program. Their materials help keep students fully engaged and exposed to the Snap Words program throughout the day. With the extra resources, students will learn sight words faster!

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